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| SiteRip | Anna Vlasova | Marvel Charm | You'll definitely like Alissa, she is very cute and sexy. Your cock already wants to fuck this sweet teen model?

Name: ALISSA (Anna Vlasova)
Amount: 1803 pics + 10 vids
Archive size: 14.7 GB

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MarvelCharm.com - Alissa (10 videos):
part 1 - http://filemass.net/ppfiuncdmsit/Marvel_Alissa_vids_(1-3).zip.html
part 2 - http://filemass.net/l16itffta2c8/Marvel_Alissa_vids_(4-6).zip.html
part 3 - http://filemass.net/qxsr15a9bs5d/Marvel_Alissa_vids_(7-10).zip.html

MarvelCharm.com - Alissa Photos (13 sets):
part 1 - http://filemass.net/42ak7kiozpuh/Marvel_Charm_-_Alissa_(1-3).zip.html
part 2 - http://filemass.net/y5bo39x686ig/Marvel_Charm_-_Alissa_(4-6).zip.html
part 3 - http://filemass.net/fm222vecvj6n/Marvel_Charm_-_Alissa_(7-9).zip.html
part 4 - http://filemass.net/j4m4vu7e94pa/Marvel_Charm_-_Alissa_(10-13).zip.html


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This collection features picture sets & videos with Russian teen model named Tanya George (Tatiana Georgieva) from the George-Mag and GeorgeModels studios. In total there's 96 picture sets and 16 hd videos. Earlier she posed for the vladmodels.ru and was one of the sweetest Russian models.

| SiteRips | George-Mag.com | GeorgeModels.com | I collected this megapack for a long time, where (y157) Tanya did not work at the vladmodels.ru.

Name: Tanya George was later known as y157 Tanya
Amount: 11237 pics + 16 vids
Archive size: 17.6 GB

Hi, my name is Tanya, I am from the most beautiful city on the eastern coast of Russia, Vladivostok. My main passion is photography and travel, both give me great pleasure! I have been a model for many years. In fact, some say I am Russia's most famous model. Well, true or not, the only thing that matters to me is you! My loyal fans. I have worked very hard to bring you stunning and sexy photos. The "George Magazine" brand means quality and beauty! Only the prettiest models, only the most beautiful locations and only the best photography. Happy viewing, I have every confidence my new work will please you.

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George-Models.com - Tatiana Georgieva (76 sets):
part 1 - http://filemass.net/hofj9ilgh0jt/George-Models_Tatiana_Georgieva_(1-21).zip.html
part 2 - http://filemass.net/2wbbamsy3qje/George-Models_Tatiana_Georgieva_(22-41).zip.html
part 3 - http://filemass.net/197w8sutu3wc/George-Models_Tatiana_Georgieva_(42-60).zip.html
part 4 - http://filemass.net/cyhyswkykmm4/George-Models_Tatiana_Georgieva_(61-76).zip.html

George-Models.com - Tatiana Georgieva (14 videos):
part 1 - http://filemass.net/4lad8ypuck6n/GeorgeModels_Tanya_George_vids_(1-6).zip.html
part 2 - http://filemass.net/91i90s2vfxvl/GeorgeModels_Tanya_George_vids_(7-14).zip.html

George Magazine - Tanya George (20 sets):
part 1 - http://filemass.net/7pz0oubtbwz4/George-mag.com_-_Tanya_Model_(1-6).zip.html
part 2 - http://filemass.net/8ggu408sun5r/George-mag.com_-_Tanya_Model_(7-13).zip.html
part 3 - http://filemass.net/gyinb6toyymi/George-mag.com_-_Tanya_Model_(14-20).zip.html

George Magazine - Tanya George videos:
video 1 - http://filemass.net/xk7txn0zti4q/George_Magazine_Tanya_Video_1.mp4.html
video 2 - http://filemass.net/6k1oryh34w3g/George_Magazine_Tanya_Video_2.mov.html